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Community Associations

There are many interesting and unique challenges that professional community managers and homeowner association boards of directors face on a regular basis. We provide a full range of vital services to these individuals and the communities they manage. Our firm is experienced in providing accounting services to homeowners' associations and co-operative apartment corporations.


Our professionals understand the unique accounting issues in the industry such as: revenue recognition, special tax regulations, lookback method, alternative minimum tax, cash fund modeling, and income recognition on contracts. A precise blueprint, a strong foundation and the appropriate tools are needed for quality construction as well as a sound business. We can help you build your business with our tools of the trade.


Today's healthcare executives must balance multiple priorities in an evolving regulatory and compliance environment as they strive to provide higher levels of patient care while coping with rising costs. They must meet rigorous Federal, Medicare, and Medicaid requirements while preparing for the dramatic changes promised by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

We provide a broad range of services to the health care industry, including operational and cost analysis, audit, tax consulting, business appraisals, cost report preparation, and regulatory compliance programs. We also provide management consulting services and outsourced accounting department services to health care practice clients as we look through the numbers and into the operational functions and structure of these complex business organizations.

Importers & Wholesalers

Our experience serving the wholesaler and distributor community has given us the knowledge and insight to serve your complex and growing needs. Our accounting, audit and tax professionals are your best resource for the many issues you face. With a comprehensive understanding of federal, state, multi-state, local and international tax regulations, our seasoned tax professionals offer a full-range of services and solutions. We have the resources, experience and credentials to rival those of any large national firm. However we pride ourselves on offering our services with creativity, innovation and highly personalized service.

We provide several areas of service in this industry, including international taxation, nexus issues, letters of credit, foreign currency exchange, transfer pricing, coordination with foreign suppliers and subsidiaries.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Productivity cycles, cash flow, inventory management controls - these are issues you face each day. We can help you with these issues. We have been assisting manufacturers and distributors to improve their operating margins and plan for growth.

Our team is uniquely qualified to help you. Many of our professionals have worked as CFOs and controllers for regional manufacturers and distributors. So we understand the challenges and opportunities of your business.

Non-Profit Foundations

We have a well-established, dedicated team of professionals who understand the unique needs of not-for-profit organizations, a team that works with all types of not-for-profits including social service agencies, HUD projects, educational institutions, museums, membership organizations and foundations. Our Not-For-Profit Industry Client Service Team members understand the challenges you face and have the experience to offer insights less experienced professionals may not possess.

Professional Services

We understand the overwhelming nature of running an individual or group professional service practice, with insurance costs, regulation, patient demands increasing every day. Amid all of these demands, proper financial planning for your future is one critical area you cannot afford to put off. Our comprehensive services are designed to simplify your practice by providing one trusted expert who can supply all your financial service needs.

M. Hassanali CPA, PLLC serves a wide variety of professionals, including Law Firms, Physician/Medical Group Practices, Health Care, Dentists, Engineers, Architects, Insurance, Investment Advisors, Business Consultants, Engineers, Design Services, and Computer professionals. Our tax professionals will optimize your tax positions for the best results. Our auditors will ensure a review or financial statement audit is accurate, placing you in the best position for accurate decision making.

Real Estate

We have been serving owners and operators of commercial, industrial, retail and residential properties as well as developers, agencies and property owner associations.

We have helped our clients in a myriad of situations. Our professionals evaluate tax issues involved in acquisitions, ownership and sales. We offer performance based projections and forecasts that enable our clients to make determinations about property investment or prospective investor purchase. Reviews of income loss/allocation issues, analysis of like kind exchanges, and financial reporting are other services we provide to our clients.


Operating a business in the highly competitive and demanding restaurant industry, requires you to be continually aware of the financial controls. Your business must have timely and accurate financial information in order to take advantage of profit opportunities. Watching every nickel and dime can mean the difference between a profit and a loss. We understand your situation.

Our restaurant services professionals understand more than just numbers. In fact, we have hands-on experience in many facets of the restaurant industry. From restaurant operations to profitability studies and from payroll to monthly financial statements, our professionals speak your language. As a restaurant owner/operator, you will benefit from our professionals' unique knowledge of the industry's day-to-day demands, combined with our solid understanding of the financial requirements your business must meet.

Retail, Apparel & Consumer Services

Our professionals understand the issues you address each day in operating your business. We work with a variety of retail operations. Issues such as financing, inventory management and cash control are just a few of the areas in which our team provides assistance. We offer you help to maximize the profitability of your business. Our approach is to work closely with you and focus on your goals.


Technology companies face more challenges today than ever before. They need an accounting firm that understands what the unique needs are and the ability to partner with management to achieve milestones needed for the success of the company.

We currently service many technology related companies. We perform a full range of services for technology companies, including - Audits and internal control reviews, Business Valuation, Research and Development tax credits, State and local use tax, Stock option valuation and Tax planning and compliance

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